Thursday, 17 January 2008


The photos in this layout are not very good and need some explanation. First, it was almost dark and snowing when the pictures were taken, so some of the streaks and blobs you see are because of that. Second, they are scanned images from slides that I haven't actually seen for years. (Santa bought me a scanner that scans negatives and slides for Christmas and I'm having a great time seeing pictures I had long forgotten.) Franz, my son, turned 3 in February 1970 and I remember this day very clearly. As the journaling says, he just wasn't willing to give up all the fun of playing in the snow to go indoors. The Sarah and Billy mentioned in the journaling are his cousins and that's me (in the jeans, sealskin boots, and the fur hat - which I still have, incidentally :) ) bending over him and talking fast!
Looking at these old pictures makes me feel ancient!!! :(

All the papers and elements used in this layout are from my contribution to the RAKScraps January Members Kit - WINTER FUN and the WINTER CHILL kit available here and here.


Candie said...

What an adorable way to display your "snow" photos... this is a really nice kit! TY so much for sharing your hard would...and this great LO!

bunchie said...

I love the way he looks like he is walking right off the page out of the snow!

grambie said...

So lovely as you take a trip down memory lane to view your photo stash. Love the cutout and its placement that adds to the overall organization of your photos. Those two snowpeople are just too cute with their winter gear so colorfully placed. Love your font and the snow edging for the transparent alpha. Just too fabulous. Look forward to getting your wonderful designs. HUGS!!!