Friday, 1 February 2008


Hey, I've been out all day and have just arrived home to read all these wonderful, supportive comments. Thank you sooooooo much, you've made me feel tons better! :)) (BIG smile) When I read in Tammy's comment that I'm at #1 on BEST FREEBIES, I checked and wonder of wonders - I AM! I'm tickled pink and have just shouted out to my dh "I'm #1!" He's a big tease and responded with, "Must be a mistake!" Of course, I know LilyBelle Scraps won't stay there for long but it's fun for the moment! I already have ideas for a new kit so "stay tuned." My husband and I have three sons with February birthdays. They are all grown men with homes of their own but I still like to do birthday layouts recording their birthdays, sooooo I thought I would try a kit to use for the men in our lives not just for birthdays but for other events as well.

... to paraphrase Dirty Harry - you've made my day! :))


craftymama said...

Am sooooo pleased for you Fay, and why shouldnt you be tickled pink. You are producing wonderful, thoughtful and dynamic kits which you are so generously sharing with us for which I am extremely grateful. The new kit sounds like a brill one too so will eagerly await it.

Mistik said...

LillyBelle rock's... here, there and everywhere!!!! This are one of the best scraps on the net...Luvya!

scangel said...

cant wait for the new kit. If you could, would you please put some kind of train in it.
most of the men kits i see are geared to tools, sailing, ect. and my husbands thing is trains. i would appreciate it very much.

Josie said...

I'm so thrilled you made it to #1. I hope you're there for a long time!

I can't wait to see what's next -- I've got 2 boys, so I'm always looking for some great kits to highlight them.