Monday, 10 March 2008

PIRATES (continued)

I have received many emails concerning the piracy issue - huge THANKS to all of you who were concerned enought to take the time to email me. :)) I have made a couple of changes in the packaging of my kits ... (1) I am including a Report Piracy image (displayed in a earlier post) with all my freebies, and (2) I'm labelling all previews with a copyright logo which includes the url of LilyBelle Scraps. Including the url was suggested by "Cece." Her reasoning was sound and I readily adopted the idea. Thanks, Cece! I've also had a lot of comments to the effect that "Patty the Pirate" has had her "teeth pulled." It appears that this is the case, thank goodness, and due for the most part to the efforts of Holly at Ditters Doodles. She certainly deserves a big vote of thanks for what she has done. - THANKS HOLLY!!

The rectangular quickpages 1 and 2 plus ELEMENTS 2 for SPRING FANTASY should be available later today. Back to work ..... :))

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