Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I know that most of you dog lovers out there think that you own the best dog in the whole wide world :)) BUT I'm here to tell you that we DID! She was the most loving, beautiful pet anyone could wish for. Her five-generation pedigree was full of champions and grand champions but she was just a big (102 lbs at age 7) baby to me. As someone once said to me, "The only fault that dogs have is that they don't live long enough." Sheba died in 1995 at age 14. There is a large wall-hung photo of her here in the den, and a painting in the living-room. She will be greatly missed for as long as my husband and I live.
Everything used in the layout is from the BEST IN SHOW kit except for the wire German Shepherd shape. I made it for this layout. Someone asked me if I could do a how-to tutorial for the dog shapes. I don't know if I have the time to create a full-blown tut but I will when I get the time tell you how I do it. AND, if time permits, I'll do a few additional wire shapes of some different breeds. The German Shepherd shape was easy to do because I have lots of photographs to start from. The short-haired dogs are easier to create shapes from but all can be done IF you have the right photo to start with.


Tammy aka bunchie said...

I know when I lost my baby Destiny I just about lost my mind! She was my kid and I know your pain. I almost started not to get another one but the joy was remembered more than the pain after a while. So now I have my Brandi! Great layout!

Susi said...

Great layout. My tahoe was a great dog too. Just like your baby Sheba. She was a spoiled baby too. We still hurt from her passing but it is getting better. She was siberian husky and german shepherd. She had them big shepherd ears too.
I hope you do write some tutorials on how you do things.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Sheba. She was a gorgeous dog. We have a german shepard as well but she's only 2 right now and is still very much in her puppy stage and even though she's in to everything I can't imagine losing her. She has such a personality that she would be truely missed.

I love the german shepard wire image you have made. Is there anyway you might offer it? I would love to use it to scrapbook my Wendy.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Sheba is gorgeous and she reminds me a lot of my Bart. I thought he was going to be my children(didn't realize I'd eventually end up with two human type). He was German Shepherd and Black Lab, but looked like a Black German Shepherd. It's been about 11 months since Bart passed. He was 14 years old, about 6 weeks from being 15 when he passed. Like most people I don't think there is any dog that will ever replace him. I think the reason I didn't become a basket case is our second dog Mookie. He's Siberian Huskie and Yellow Lab. We got Mookie when he was about a year old and he was about 7 years younger than Bart. He was so lost without Bart, he was back to following my every movement like a puppy. I think he could even have been classified as depressed and he needed lots of extra love. I just know Sheba is never far from your thoughts and will always be there to comfort you, just as if she were still at your feet. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful kit for our fur babies and thank you for sharing Sheba with us, truly a beautiful dog with a great face.

dawn (momoid)