Sunday, 6 April 2008


Wow, I've received such a wonderful response to this proposed series of minikits - even some theme requests ...

Linda - butterflies (I'm working on this one! )
familyhistoryscrappe - heritage and babies in colors other than pink and blue
visionlady - little girls, kids
Romi - seasons and holidays
bunchie - dog mini kit please!
scangel - animals - dogs, cats, etc. and travel

As noted above, I'm working on the butterflies and hope to have it available tomorrow. I've just left my Sunday dinner prep to make this post so I won't have a lot of time to work on it today but tomorrow looks good for a bit of computer time.

Thanks for all the interest and comments! :))


scrapinharmony said...

I too, love this idea. so thanks! I would love to see some kits having to do with piano. I have such trouble finding stuff that I like when it comes to that.

craftymama said...

Fabulous idea Fay, good luck iwth it, look forward to seeing your scrapkwik kits

kathy said...

I love this idea, and what you've come up with so far... sure wish you could come up with something for ferrets :-)

Susi said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy busy and more busy. I wont add to your request list. I will just wait for all the goodies you make.
What ever you make will be beatuiful

LadyTigr said...

Like Susi, I won't add to your request list, I just think anything you do is truly awesome, and I am just thankful that you are kind and generous enough to share with me!

Angela in NC