Monday, 19 May 2008


I received the following email from Monica some time ago in connection with the ScrapKwik kit – Best in Show.

SUBJECT … Best in Show kit comment and new theme idea …
Those prize ribbons reminded me of the state and county fair competitions.I suspect you would get some interest in a Fair theme. My state Fair is one of the larger ones and has food, crafts, and livestock winners as well as photography.Seems logical many of those winners would like to scrap their experience. They award grand prize- purple, 1st-blue, 2nd-red ,3rd-white, and honorable mention(4th)-yellow.

I thought this a good theme for a kit and because colour plays such an important part in using award ribbons, I think the best kit for this theme is a YOU COLOUR minikit with page proposals rather than quickpages. All the elements and papers used in the page proposals shown above are provided as gray templates ready to be coloured by you, with the exception of one multi-coloured paper. (I’m sure that most of you know that one way to control the depth of colour in a paper or element is to darken or lighten the gray template before applying colour.) This is just a small kit but I think there are enough items to allow for several different page designs especially if you add some plain papers.

For those of you who are waiting for the children’s kit – I’m working on it - but my computer time is still very limited and I’m working from scratch. The Award Ribbons minikit was quick to do because I had created the rosette ribbons for the BEST IN SHOW kit and could just add to this item.
I hope some of you will be able to use these papers and elements.

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