Sunday, 22 June 2008


This is just the preview of KwikPage 4. I feel too miserable to get it zipped and uploaded tonight. It turns out that the reason I couldn't sleep last night was because I was well on my way to a rotten head cold. I know I shouldn't complain (1) I haven't had a cold for almost two years and (2) there are so many folks out there who have really horrible health issues BUT I feel like I've been pulled through a knothole backwards (one of my mother's expressions and it always made me smile) so I'm indulging myself in a little bit of "poor me." :)) Anyway, enough of that foolishness ... what do you think of the little felt tree? It will be provided as just bare branches for you to decorate as you wish and as you see it above. All the felt elements I've added to the tree are provided as separate files in the element zips. When I added the little birds I found that their beaks were too light so had to darken them and the felt sun element had stitching on it but I didn't like the looks of that so I took it off. If I can stop blowing my nose long enough, I'll get this quickpage uploaded tomorrow! Goodnight All and thanks for all the nice comments I've been receiving! (Someone mentioned a felt cat - I've done one and many other felt bits and pieces as well.)


Kim S. said...

Hope you're able to get some rest and feel better. Thanks for all you do!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Hope that you get plenty of rest & are feeling better soon!!!!!!!

Penny said...

Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for everything. Love the new QP.

clc said...

Love this page and all the felt elements. Hope you're feeling much better soon!

Anonymous said...

have the perfecto pic 4 this
please I cannot get the dload :(