Saturday, 7 June 2008


Thank you all for the kind and thoughtful comments. I love designing far too much to give it up completely, so I'm sure you'll see more LilyBelle freebies later on. :)) I'm trying to FORCE myself to deal with things other than digi-scrapping that really need to be resolved but it's VERY difficult. My level of procrastination is extremely high but as every procrastinator knows, the day eventually comes when one has to "bite the bullet." LOL

NOTE TO MISTY ... Since you are a member of RAKScraps, I tried to send you a PM giving you the forum path for locating the download links to my contribution (shown HERE) to the May Members' Kit. Unfortunately, the only "Misty" I could locate in the Members' List was not you. The Members' Kits are exclusive to RAKScraps members so I can't post the download links on my blog but, if you let me know your RAKScraps username either by email ( or through a comment here on the blog, I'll contact you with a PM at RAKScraps. :))


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

AFTERNOON LilyBelle!!!!!
Good to see your post!!!!!!!!
Take care of yourself & I'll keep you in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Allport said...

So pleased you are not leaving us.

I look forward to seeing some more freebies when you have dealt with what is troubling you.

Will be thinking of you.

Lots of luv


CC / Dan said...

Hi Hun, just a quick note to say I'll miss you! Thank you so much for sharing this small piece of LilyBelle with with all of us! I put up two new QPs on my blog and can't imagine not playing with your beautiful designs. Hurry back sweetie and may God bless you and yours!
In my thoughts and prayers,
Rusty (CC)

misty said...

glad to hear you are not leaving completely, but I do understand having to deal with other things. I sent you an email with my username for RAK. Hope all goes well and look forward to when you come back