Monday, 15 September 2008


Re: RAKScraps Members' MegaKit
August 15 through September 14
I'm glad you like my contribution to the RAKScraps Members' MegaKit. If you are a member at RAKScraps then this is the forum path to follow ... (BE WARNED, however, IT IS MURDER trying to get around there today. The SEPTEMBER MEGAKIT is out and the site is being bombarded with downloading. )
COMMUNITY > SCRAP RAKS > SCRAP RAKS CHALLENGES > Members Mega Kit Challenge > August 15 through September 14 Members Mega Kit Challenge > Post #13 (Here you will find the preview and download links for my contribution.)
If you can't access the download links, send me your user name at RAKScraps and I'll PM you the download links directly.
Hope this helps! :))

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for laying out the links for me!! Now I found your part with no problem - it's lovely!
The site was really slow yesterday but I did manage to get the gorgeous September mega kit - love your part in this one too.
Thanks again for sharing all these beautiful designs.