Thursday, 6 November 2008


Hi All ...

Thanks to those of you who REGULARLY comment on my designs - it is much appreciated. I have a personal album project that I'm itching to get started on so l don't imagine I will have time to offer many freebies for a few weeks. However, look for a Christmas kit sometime in December!

Happy scrappin' :))


FamilyHistoryScrapper said...

Enjoy working on your book. Thanks for all the great stuff you have so generously shared. You deserve time for you!!

Happy Holidays
Ruth (aka familyhistoryscraper)

vw bug said...

Hope you enjoy your project! I wanted to let you know I just found your site last week and have been downloading like crazy... but for some reason even through I am log'd into shared4... it is not letting me comment. I am enjoying all your papers, elements and quickpages... Thank you!

FuzzieDice said...

Good luck on your album. I too am working through years of photos putting them into pages in my spare time. I'll miss looking at your freebies and will look forward to more in December. I might not get a chance to visit much due to time myself but I do love your work! Keep scrappin! :)

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning:)
I am soo glad I am not the only one busy on projects.I am making brag books for the family for Christmas.:) I am not really into Halloween(although your designs are fantastic as usual) so that is why you haven't seen me around much this last month or so.:)I AM looking forward to your Christmas ..though:)

Have fun on your projects.!!