Friday, 16 January 2009


My health problems have not yet been resolved BUT I'm in "wait mode" so need some distraction. I was playing around with the kaleidoscope effects in PSP trying to create different-looking snowflakes. Once I had settings to create the flakes, I decided to try and make them look icy. They don't look too bad when viewed in a LARGE size but when sized for use on a layout, you can't see much of the icy effect. I think I probably just wasted my time. However, I thought, they might look better if a little colour is added. They're quite unrealistic anyway so colouring them won't matter. I, of course, had to create a page to see how they looked and that resulted in the kwikpage below. At one point, I planned to upload them as a few "You Colour" elements but now it looks like it will turn into a kit. I've posted two of the twenty-plus icy snowflakes that I made just so you can see them. I think my favourite is the one above. The one below looks quite heavy for a snowflake! Smileycons!


Pumpy said...

Yes I agree the bottom one is lovely, more like a broach. the one above is really lovely, like a snowflake

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is a gorgeous snowflake - it looks so delicate as though it could melt in your hand!

Angela said...

oh I do hate the waiting bit - wishing you all the best. These flakes look really pretty Fay