Monday, 9 February 2009


Some of you have expressed concern about my absence. Well I'm still having tests - each one seems to lead to another! I'm finding the waiting and wondering a bit stressful. I'm working on a couple of kits but seem to have little interest in completing them at the moment. Today I spent some time doing the layout above. It is so unusual to see this amount of snow in this particular garden that I thought the photos would make a good layout. As you can see I used papers and elements from Icy Flakes. Hopefully, I'll be "back on track" before long. Thanks to all of you who have sent messages and comments of concern.


Vickie--Sandusky, OH said...

You have been missed!

I'm so sorry that you're going through this stressful time! Get better soon!

Debbie said...

Good Morning,
We're still deep in snow up here in Scotland. Know the south of engeland had real problems as there was no snow for about 20 years! That was around the time I moved up North from Surrey.
Up here their that used to it, they just get on with it. The local farmers are great in coming out with their tractors to claer the roads.
Really love your layout it's really gorgeous. People in a few years time will think you put the wrong date on it. snow in February?
No sign of new born lambs yet, they'll all be inside keeping warm. When it improves we'll have fields of them. Wonderful time of year.
Hope you're feeling well soon. Sending prayers your way,
Love and Angel blessings xxx

makeyesup said...

Sure hope the tests prove to have a solution to your problems which are easy and quick. Take care of yourself and know that is your priority right now.

Angela said...

fabulous layout. Are you in England at the moment?

vw bug said...

I hope your tests turn out well for you. I tried to send an email, but it doesn't like me for some reason. Here is a layout I did using one of your kits:

I have more, just not posted yet.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

I LOVE your layout!! How cool! Literally too!!:) It's soo pretty to see the fresh snow.We haven't had anything but a few flurries this year.:(
I am praying they will find an answer soon to your medical concerns...and that they can be resolved quickly too.:)

Big hugs!


MarthaElaine said...

Well, I hope you have some results by now and nothing serious. I don't know how your medical folks are, but, in the US, ours often don't seem very aware that people are sitting on pins and needles waiting for some feedback. Sigh. Best wishes and hugs!