Wednesday, 22 July 2009


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myscrapbook says; oops should have said in colour for png element preference. Yes resolution is 300 but the size is only 3.96 inches should be 12 can not increase size. Elements become pixelated. Can only decrease without pixelating elements.

The layered KwikPage files were reduced in size to 4 x 4 inches square, keeping the resolution at 300 ppi because the 12 x 12 layered files are so huge, the zip files containing them would have (1) used up too much storage space in my FREE 4Shared account, (2) taken considerably longer to upload, and (3) required a much longer download time. Check out the size of the KwikPage 1 zip file in Photoshop format at full 12 x 12” size …
STARQ-LilyBelle-KWIKPAGE1SBLUE.psd … 67.7 MB
STARQ-LilyBelle-KWIKPAGE1GREY.psd … 69.8 MB
+ designer support files

You would probably be downloading 120 MB+. Even if I had the time and online storage space to upload them one at a time, you would still have to download 60 – 80 MB zip files. I know that zipping compresses the files somewhat but not a lot.

Now, about your problem, you didn’t say what software you are using, but if it will accept a layered file in either PSP or PS format, then there should be provision for resizing without loss of resolution. I know this reply is just an explanation of why the files are provided in a small size and really doesn’t help a lot with your problem. It’s beginning to look like I should forget about offering layered files and continue with just the flattened .png quickpages. You do know that the regular, coloured KwikPages are available HERE!

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myscrapbook says: thank you for reply and explanation I have ps and sorry to say this is one function I've never used. Will now be absorb in learning exactly how to use it and the difference it does to all elements according to there resolution. And again thank you for sharing your knowledge and designs with us.