Saturday, 18 July 2009


I’m trying something a little different. It’s a YOU COLOUR kit called STAR QUALITY. I’m hoping that everyone has a lot of fun with it. I’ll be uploading it in a series of KwikPages. What you get …

(1) a layered KwikPage – one grayscale and one coloured – 300 ppi, 4” x 4” (full-size would result in a 50 or 60 Mb file to download) – both PSP (pspimage) and PS (psd) formats, and (2) a zip file containing all the papers and elements – 300 ppi, full-size jpg and png, grayscale – used in the KwikPage.

YOU will have to resize the KwikPage to the size you require but the layered file will allow you to rearrange, colour, etc. as you want. For those of you who can’t use the layered files or want something different, the zip file of papers and elements will allow you to construct the KwikPage as shown or in a design of your own. For those of you who can use the PSP and PS formats (I think PSE should load the psd file?????), you can extract the various elements and papers from the layered file if you don’t want to bother downloading the zip file of papers and elements. This should allow you to personalize your layouts even more than a flattened KwikPage permits. You may need to adjust the lightness or darkness of the grayscale elements and/or use various blending modes to get the exact colours you want but, hopefully, you will find it an enjoyable, creative exercise. I found it difficult to design with the grayscale as I had to test each design extensively to see if it would accept colour easily. I’ll be uploading KwikPage 1 sometime today. I think for KwikPage 2 I’ll design with a colour palette in mind and then convert the elements and papers to grayscale. I’ll also be uploading some basic textured papers with several overlays that will give you different effects.

Please let me know how it works out and if I should do something different or in addition to what is provided in this first part of the kit.


Kikkinkreations said...

I love this idea! I often wish I had an element in a different color! Thanks so much for such a unique gift!

Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

This is a great idea, and anxious to try and see what I can do. I can resize and I think I read that you will do one in color, and that will be what I will end up using as I don't have any scrapping programs. Will be looking forward to downloading, as always.