Friday, 14 August 2009



This is PageKit 3 – another part of my contribution to the RAKScraps Members’ Kit Challenge for July. Some of the RAKScraps members have had difficulty finding the thread where the download links are for this kit. They have emailed me for directions. Soooooo, just in case you are a member of RAKScraps but can’t seem to find this thread in the forum, here’s the path … Forums > SCRAP RAKS > Scrap RAKS Challenges > Members Mega Kit Challenge with Connie > July 15 2009 through August 14 2009 Members Mega Kit Challenge - POST #7

Don’t forget, I’m not the only contributor. There are a number of lovely minikits to add to your stash and the colour palette is the same as the July RAKScraps Mega Kit.
The remainder of my contribution to OCEAN BREEZES will be made available here on LILYBELLE SCRAPS!

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makeyesup said...

Thanks for the 2 kits for the Rakscraps monthly, great job. have an awesome weekend.