Friday, 11 December 2009


Valinda said she couldn't find any kits with a "Nativity" theme and asked IF I did do a Christmas kit, would I consider doing something with such a theme.  I thought it was a wonderful idea so I've come up with a minikit called THE FIRST CHRISTMAS1.  I've labelled it with a 1 since it is a little abstract/modern in style and, IF time permits I'd like to do something which is more representative of the time of the holy birth.  As I said before, I'm really pushed to find time to do any designing just now and I might not be able to get anything else done until after Christmas.  However, ANYTHING I UPLOAD FOR THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON WILL BE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED, that is, you may do with these papers and elements whatever you wish - everything is a gift.  There will be no TOU file with these items.  What you see here is a couple of page proposals just to let you get a peek at what will be available in the papers and elements files.  I'll try and have the elements and papers available tomorrow. 

I also have some funky Christmas tree templates for you to play around with if I can find time to get them together and uploaded. 

Val, this may not be the type of thing you are looking for but I really will try and do another one, as I mentioned above. 

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Deborah said...

Thank you for the Christmas gift. You are very talented.