Sunday, 14 March 2010


Barb said …
I only leave comments here because I can't leave any on 4-shared
This is just great with me, Barb, as I MUCH PREFER to have comments here on the blog rather than at 4Shared. Smileycons!

Barb said …
How about a girls kit like this (tomboyish maybe). There are enough girly things. My granddaughter is a tomboy!
Actually, this is a marvellous idea – thanks!

Barb said …
How about a tutorial on titles? On one of the older QP's of this train kit you typed in "title" in large letters and curved it so it looked like it was going away from you and yet the letter lines were straight at the bottom. I have tried everything to make it look like you did. How did you do that?
This is quite simple to do so I’ll work up something for a mini-tutorial. However, the step-by-step technique is software dependent but I’m sure it can be translated to apply to many graphics programs.

Re the question about the curled-wrinkled papers
Most of you who commented are in favour of uploading the papers full-size. Since no one seems to think they should NOT be uploaded, then I’ll package them in a separate file so that everyone can choose to download or not. Thanks for your input.

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SSmith525 said...

I'm another one that can't post on 4Shared. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your postings!! Thanks bunches

wandascraprack said...

Ditto on leaving messages. I've gotten to where I look forward to your new installment. No matter what it is about they are professionally done and I love getting them. Thank you sooooooo much.