Saturday, 20 March 2010


This is to answer Barb's question ...

On one of the older QP's of this train kit you typed in "title" in large letters and curved it so it looked like it was going away from you and yet the letter lines were straight at the bottom. I have tried everything to make it look like you did. How did you do that?

This explanation is too simple to be called a tutorial but by using it as a "jumping off" point, you may discover some very interesting text effects.  The details, of course, apply to Paint Shop Pro because that's my program of choice for designing.  However, I know you can do exactly the same thing in MANY other graphics software packages. 

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Barb said...

Okay I wasn't getting the layer rasterized. PS is quite different. I will give a quick go here for PS users. Type in text, select the move tool, go to layer, rasterize, type. Hold the CTRL. key down while dragging corners. Thank you so much! It is simple once you understand it.

scangel said...

so simple once you read this. thank you for sharing this and the train kit.