Thursday, 24 June 2010


Bernie (Bernadette1) posted this layout in her RAKScraps gallery using one of the kwikpages from my Sanctuary kit.  The story told through her journaling is sooooo worth reading that I asked her permission to post the layout here.

These are just four of the twenty-seven men, yes—I say men and citizens—that put our new roof on our house for us. They were all immigrants, but they are no longer in the immigrant status. They all have jobs, became citizens, work harder than anybody I know that has been born and lived in a free country all their lives. These men are to be commended—they were so good that about six others of our neighbors hired them also. They were very thankful for the smallest favor you could do for them—letting them water themselves down with the hose, giving them fresh water as the weather was very hot, and when I brought out a fresh fruit salad that I had just cut up for them—well, the smiles were more than enough of a thank you from any one of them. These people are fast learners, and these people happened to all have gone to a special school for people that enter our country, and it has surely paid off for them. They speak our language and try to abide by our rules, and they even passed their driving tests. These are wonderful people!!! !!! They are Americans and proud of it!!!

Thanks, Bernie, for making such good use of this kwikpage.  It's a wonderful and heartwarming event to document in this way.

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makeyesup said...

It is indeed wonderful journaling and story. We have lots of new Americans like this. Too bad, the ones that want all our privileges without the responsibility don't catch on to this spirit.

Pumpy said...

This is wonderful LilyBelle, I agree with above, many are willing to work, we have thousands flocking in from all over Africa, take jobs away from locals, therefore I am sure causes high rate of crime. IN MY OPINION.
Have not done mine as yet have just not had too much time. Lovies xxxx

Pumpy said...

Hi my Friend, I have had one eye done Cataract, the other on 5 July, so a bit quite. Someone told me that if you live long enough everyone will have one. Lovies xxxx

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening:)
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work with me.Just beautiful!!:)


gypsymonkeyscrap said...

So many can learn from just a few. By just opening one's eyes, so much more is seen, understood, and appreciated.