Monday, 18 October 2010


maybe if you save the bigger paper files as takes up less space and can always be converted to a jpg file by the user of the kit..your clusters and papers are beautiful and I do love the butterfly paper..its gorgeous

Thank you so much for the lovely compliment and I did a little research on your suggestion re TIFF vs. JPG. The idea is great only the size works in reverse … TIFF files are much larger than JPG files. The butterfly paper saved as a JPG is about 19.6 Mb on my hard drive but the same paper saved as a TIFF is 38.7 Mb. Also, even if the TIFF file were smaller, I’m not sure that all the programs used by scrapbookers to create their layouts can load the TIFF format. In any case, I want to thank you again for taking the time to try and help me … it truly IS “the thought that counts.”

Maybe the solution is just to save the paper files as 6 x 6 images rather than 12 x 12 … BUT … there’s always a BUT … I THINK that frequent loading and saving together with resizing results in loss of detail in JPG files. The obvious thing to do is make papers that are not so complex. However, I’m a “mad woman” when it comes to effects and blends :).  Anyone can fill an image with a simple colour so it seems pointless to make papers that simple.

Any and all suggestions are more than welcome!!!

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makeyesup said...

Curiosity question on your papers, do you flatten the layers before you save as a .jpg? That has seemed to help me when I add different layers. Know textures can play havoc on sizes of files and I try not to use that part of PSE. Find that if I take the texture and bring it in to use as an overlay and then flatten the image, it helphs reduce the size. Also have played around and not saved as maximum of 12 and go down to 8 or 10. Sometime the visual is so slight, it doesn't change the quality and can be still saved as 12 x 12. Could be wrong, don't think using styles instead of textures is better for size too.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this beautiful GIFT of your time & artistic design talents.. I was so impressed that I wnnt through all of your previous GIFTS & fount that your past Halloween designs also co-ordinated w/this currant one..but sadly when I found your beautiful Special Olympice design I found that only part 1 was still available & the 4a portion of parts of 3 & 4 papers..will these ever be made availvailable agani...
I hate the term 'freebie'..for me it cheapent the true gift of a designers time & talents..tuhus making these offerings true GIFT from the heart
again THANK YOU so much from a digi-challenged scrapper
way2coolgrany aka Danielle

VW said...

I love the papers and elements even if it does take time to get them. I understand the frustration, but for me it is worth the wait. Thanks for listening to all the suggestions and trying. I hope something is found but if not. I'll still be glad to wait to get them.