Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Thanks, Val, for the Box.net suggestion.  I checked it out and it seems like it might be OK  - BUT (there's always a BUT) - the free account only allows 5 GB of storage space and I have 15 GB at 4Shared (half-used at the moment) and storage space at MediaFire is unlimited except uploaders and downloaders have to put up with the ads.  Actually, I feel quite sure the only way to get a decent set-up is to purchase an account.  Maybe I should try and sell enough designs to pay for an account somewhere and I wouldn't need to feel guilty about spending the money .  On the other hand it sounds like a lot of work rather than fun and that's assuming that there would be people willing to pay for my designs - I don't think so.  Shoppers can't get a better price than free.  :)

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NanaScraps said...

would rather put with a few ads then have to sit and wait for 4 share..I think if enough people stop using them they might just change their tune..(maybe)..lol have a scrapfabulous day(just love how we butcher the English language)

VJ's Scrap Room said...

I wasn't sure about the box.net because I haven't used it.Just know some of my friends are using it.Too bad they won't give more GBs for the free use.:(
I think just about every storage site has ads now...even 4shared has video ads on the dwnld page.At least with MediaFire you can X out of them.LOL


lovetocraftbetty said...

I find that downloading from MediaFire is fast and painless. I simply ignore the ads!
Thanks for all you share. I don't think that you should have to pay for a site to give away for free your designs.

Anonymous said...

myscrapbook says: Your designs are alway so well put together. I personally have gone to some sights that have a lot of advertising which I ignore but when the designs are great hey thats a cheap price to pay when the designer gives them to you for free for personal use. So whoever you use is fine after all you are the one doing all the work. Thanks for sharing it.

Bastet said...

Your work is beautiful. I enjoy collecting your kits and hope to have time to use them all one day. Since you are so kind to give your work to us for nothing I think that we all should be able to put up with the ads and any time delays for downloading. I also think that you would have no difficulty in selling your work if you ever felt the need in the future, however, I do understand that placing a price on your creativity can sometimes be stifling as it takes away the personal enjoyment of creating and giving. Thankyou for sharing all that you do.

VJ said...

Just have to add my two cents worth here, lol I have very little problems when it comes to 4 Shared, but with mediafire I'm bombarded with ads quite often and it slows down my computer and actually freezes it up at times! Ouch! I have seen a lot of people using U Send It, but not sure if they pay for it. Hopefully you can find another source that offers a larger amount of storage for free. :)