Friday, 14 February 2020


I started out to create three Pagekits from my old kit (TRUE LOVE) released in 2011.  Pagekit 1 has already been posted for download.  Since Valentine’s Day is already here, I’ve included Pagekit 3 as part of Pagekit 2.  Because of this there are two quickpages, in three sizes, to download along with all supporting elements and papers.  There are also 5 clusters to play with.  Some of the papers are very “busy” and colourful; so much so that they do not allow for the effective display of the elements.  I have, therefore, included page-sized vellum overlays.  You’ll see one used on Quickpage 2.  Also, some of the elements and clusters containing “lace” are provided with drop shadows as well as the usual unshadowed form.  

Tuesday, 4 February 2020


In 2010 I created a Valentine kit titled TRUE LOVE.  It wasn’t all that great but I’ve made a few alterations and am offering it as a few Pagekits.  A “pagekit” is not a full or even a minikit.  I start by creating a quickpage in three sizes – a square 12 x 12, a rectangle portrait orientation 8.5 x 11, and a rectangle landscape orientation 11 x 8.5 - then I collect all the papers, elements and clusters used with probably a few extras.  The idea is that you have a quickpage you can use as a layout by just adding your own photos, journaling, titles, etc. or you can create a slightly different layout using the elements and papers provided.  You will find 3 zip files to download by following the link provided below.

Thursday, 16 January 2020


This minikit WINTER CHILL was first released in January, 2019 through my participation in  the Colour Challenge at OSLS.  I’ve made several changes and additions.  If any of you have the January-2019 version, I suggest you replace it with the 2020 version. 

Tuesday, 7 January 2020


This kit was first released in January, 2013 as FESTIVE MOMENTS.  I recall I was not happy with the kit at that time, mainly because of the colour palette.  When I decided to release it as a free-for-personal-use kit, I played around with the colours (without much success), created a few new elements, papers, and clusters, etc.  I’m still not thrilled with it; it’s too bright and bold.  I’ve always believed that the designs I create should “support” the most important thing in a layout – the photos/pictures – not overshadow them.  Anyway, here it is and, as usual, please refer to the Terms of Use in each zip file for the details of how you may use these designs.  

Friday, 27 December 2019


This is the last of the Christmas kits I will be recycling in 2019.  It is a combination of a couple of minikits I designed and released in 2010.  The Elements are contained in two zip files, the Papers in three zip files, and the Clusters in one zip file.  I try to keep each zip file no larger than 30 MB and also try to show the zip file contents in one preview.  Although the Clusters zip file is no larger than 30 MB, it was impossible to display all the clusters on one preview.  That’s why there are four previews displaying the clusters, but just one zip file to download.  As always, this kit is for personal use only.  Please read the Terms of Use contained in each zip file for the details.   

Friday, 13 December 2019


CHRISTMAS MINISCRAP 1 … is a combination of two PageKits I created several years ago with the addition of a few new elements and clusters.  I think of a PageKit as only containing enough elements and papers to do a couple of pages.  In other words, a kit slightly smaller than a MiniKit.  By combining two of these PageKits along with the addition of a few extras, there are enough elements and papers to be considered a decent sized MiniKit.  😁  I’m not best-pleased with the elements.  When combined to create clusters they tend to blend together resulting in a loss of definition within the cluster.  In any case, the price is right - $0 – and, hopefully, some of you may be able to use it.  As usual, it is a personal use only kit.  Please read the TOU enclosed in the zip files.

Sunday, 1 December 2019


Years ago at RAKScraps, a scrapbooking website that some of you might remember, I contributed some of these designs as part of a Members’ Kit titled CHRISTMAS WHIMSEY or WHIMSICAL CHRISTMAS (can’t remember the exact name).  I have added a few additional bits and pieces.  The elements, clusters, and alphas are all designed as digital stickers.  These designs may not appeal to some of you but as I have a dozen Christmas-themed kits on my hard drive, I expect I’ll be uploading other kits that you may find more to your taste.  This kit is for personal use only.  Please refer to the TOU included with each zip file for the details.